Intuitive Soul Alchemy healing zoom session

Intuitive Soul Alchemy healing zoom session

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When you step into sacred space with me via zoom you will get to Spend 1.5 hours together exploring the intricacies of your souls grand design in a private and intimate setting where the focus is solely on you, your healing, and your expansion. This time will be spent as a deep dive into the wholeness of what is possible within your energy field now based on your souls journey thus far and your souls quantum blueprint for the future.✨

This 1:1 setting is facilitated online which allows me to work across the globe so no matter where you are in the world you will receive the healing and the magic full force;)

When we share this sacred energetic space, that allows us to sit down and take a look at your energy and see what has been…in order to heal and or upgrade your divine experience of this life to the next level.

This experience can help you to both enhance the magical divine energy swirling within you and also to eliminate the energy that is no longer serving.

 We can work together to create a path, or to clear a path, of soul aligned action to travel upon! this new path  will help to enrich your life going forward. These sessions are intuitively guided by myself, spirit, you and your divine guides.  It is all about your unique soul story, and what is perfectly aligned with your souls journey. We will work to harmonize your energies and bring you back into perfect flow with the life and reality of your dreams.✨

During this session you may experience Physical sensation in your body, crystalline DNA activation which can feel like flushing or a magical chill, strong emotional clearing, physical responses; like belly rumbling, increased energy and stamina, as well as a major confidence boost and positive embodiment integrations. All of this is and more is perfectly normal ✨  

These moments together are a truly beautiful healing experience for anyone who is ready to break free of the feeling of being stuck, limited or powerless because it drops you into your own divine power. This is my number one selling service. It generally just takes one session to start feeling huge transformational waves of healing flow into your world. It is the perfect starting point to dip your toe in the water and begin your healing journey today! 

Email confirmation or text will be sent to schedule your one on one session after you complete checkout so make sure to leave a point of contact at purchase or DM me🦋✨