Past Life Regression, Akashic record reading,  or soul retrieval

Past Life Regression, Akashic record reading, or soul retrieval

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Take a look to the past when you want to identify where you have been. What experience is your soul ready to remember? What lessons have you been struggling to learn and why? What karmic cycles, trauma cycles or soul contracts could you be living in the here and now? Past life regression brings all of this to the surface. This healing allows you to see and really understand the balance of why your life is unfolding in the way that it is. Past life teaches us all about balance and is a really powerful experience! ✨. 

The journey I provide you is a guided and protected Out of Body/ multidimensional light body Experience that allows you access to the Akashic records on your own for your own personal viewing and healing needs. PM about booking and scheduling BEFORE purchase as not everyone can immediately access the records and an energy tune up or activation may be required. I can also read the record for you if that feels more aligned💖💖

soul retrieval allows you to reclaim lost/ shattered/ or fractured pieces of your soul from traumatic moments In Your souls history where a part of you was lost to extreme pain or darkness. This experience also allows you to find any missing pieces and claim them back in order to become whole and complete once again in the now moment. 🌕