Sovereign Chakra Metamorphosis

Sovereign Chakra Metamorphosis

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Working with the chakras of the future is not and will not be the same as working with the chakras of the past. We are raising our vibration as a collective and we are here to evolve and ascend. We do that by ascending in frequency and it is time for our light bodies and energetic bodies to start reflecting these shifts. 

 This program is completely about stepping into chakra metamorphosis with sovereignty of choice in where you need the healing and the divine upgrades the most. We work on one facet of your humaness at a time and this helps you to evolve into your divinity in a very real and authentic embodied way. 

Chakra Metamorphosis is the 12D frequency alchemization of the chakras so that you can vibrate as your higher self in all things as you spin your life into form going forward. It is the the activation of the Chakra System of your future higher self. It is essentially  a mind hack to overwrite all limitations and break free of the 3D matrix.

This journey is personalized to your unique energy signature and soul blueprint.  

What is included:

✨x1 weekly live zoom sessions until you have completed all of the code activations for the chakra that you are alchemizing. 

✨ A magical prerecorded activation of your upgraded light coding to begin your journey. 

✨ direct message support for the week with additional weeks available for a discounted rate. 

✨ personal channeled mantra for each chakra 

✨unique challenges and integration practices with each unique code. 

✨accountability, unlimited support & guidance. 

✨personally channeled light language activations of your specific cellular DNA coding to facilitate Crystalline DNA activation of the new frequency 

✨Meditation with frequency guidance 

as well as whatever other magical perks want to come through for you!

there is no limit to what you can achieve at the next level when you become your higher self. Now is the time to step into that divine chrysalis and prepare your body to contain the energies of your future self. 

There are 9 chakras in the Chakra Metamorphosis Light body upgrade. When you have finished with one and are ready to return for the next phase in your evolution whether it is after a couple of days, weeks, months, years   how ever long you choose before you move onto the next is fine. You will just repurchase this experience and it will be custom fit to your next journey through the next chosen frequency of chakra metamorphosis🌀🦋💫

  After purchase an email will be sent out for booking. If you prefer text please also leave your number and confirmation for booking will be sent to you within 24 hours💖